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Adish x iota

March 1, 2023

We love to collaborate because it keeps us courageous and willing to explore outside our comfort zone.

Our 2023 collaboration with ADISH consists of an intricate unisex sweater in four colors, made entirely by hand, using crochet and embroidery. The connection with the Israeli-Palestinian fashion brand began through mutual friends and our mutual fields of interest.

We both were working with craft, and forever asking how it can be made into contemporary, and in this case, wearable objects.

The development and design process of this sweater presented familiar challenges. How much it will weigh, how will it drape.

We tried several types of bespoke yarn and chose the colors that fit well within the ADISH collection. We developed a smart crocheting module that generates all the different parts of the sweater, keeping a clean and precise design and a straightforward approach to crocheting it.

Fashion is always part of what we do at iota, part of our world of materials and our inspiration. The yarns, which we design and produce ourselves, the simple and effortless shapes, the hand craft, the way the textile behaves over time, these are all things we consider in our everyday work. This collaboration was no different yet challenged the design of every detail even more.

Collaborating makes techniques, styles, stories and people meet.

This partnership brought together Syrian refugee women, knitters in Istanbul, Palestinian embroiderers in the West Bank, designers from Tel Aviv and New York.

Iota offers a method. Our mission can be carried out anywhere and is not bound by geography or culture.

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