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Allow yourself to wander

February 3, 2019

At the beginning of my way as a student, we got a task: hug a tree. And I’m not the treehugger type. I remember promising myself to take off the veil of cynicism for a moment. How many times do we really allow ourselves to give in? If you think about it, maybe this was the greatness of that professor.

10 years later, 300 km on foot on the way to Santiago de Compostela,you learn to devote yourself to the land. Until then, I had never wished for land that was dry or full of small stones.

All these together are the backdrop for the design of the swings collection of 2019. To wander through the forest, a big one, full of trees, evergreen, tall. Some have leaves, some have needles, ferns fall, and some have pinkish, yellow fruit, flowers or buds.
Our classic swing consists of 186 knitted elements that represent a kind of zoom on different details of a plant. It takes a week to knit it. A full week.
As we are a social business, the crochet is done by women who can not work in a conventional way and thus we provide them with work. Four swings, and one woman earns a full month’s salary, which includes all the social rights that she deserves.
The elements are knit separately and are threaded on a rope. Together, they create a new texture, the difference between them, the hand itself, a little like nature, produces imperfect shapes, strong and pleasant at the same time, unravelled.
“Not to get around in the city – it does not mean much, but wandering in the city, just as a person wanders in the forest – this requires training”
Walter Benjamin

The 2019 Swings Collection invites you to devote yourself to wandering and wandering in the near and existing space, private or public, and to plunge into fantasy for a moment.

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