Block Poufs

June 4, 2024

Two months ago, we launched a new family of poufs and today we are excited to release additional exciting products to the world! The studio is beating and active and creating heals the mood a little.

So today we are launching two new poufs, a fresh and diverse addition to the Mediterranean collection. Both are very graphic, and with them we take a step into a more narrative world of products. Their design process is also a story worth telling:

new poufs design process

When you start designing there are no rules, every designer has her own method, the world of images she likes and the path she has to go through until the product is revealed to her or works out as she imagined. These days, the zeitgeist has its influence. The fragile situation deepens the desire to explore the fine line between the ugly and the beautiful, the nostalgic and the existing. Sadness sends us to fantasize about far from here, far from the familiar. To a better world, to happy, surprising products. From the technologic (we asked Midjourney to create images for us from words), to the mystic and historic, to medieval Europe and the aesthetics of stained glass and religious and botanical elements, fast forward in time to the Bauhaus period, from three-dimensional to two-dimensional, from the abstract to the realistic and back and forth and back here.

Block Rosetta Pouf is a good luck charm. It is a color block, a cube built of granny squares. But it dares to break the boundaries of form, of the two-dimensional and the classic. A three-dimensional rosette decoration is repeated in its four corners, surrounding it, and offers a more complex story. In art, the rosette decoration derives from the botanical form of a rose and has a rich and ancient history. Some believe that the rosette is used for divine protection.

indoor outdoor poufs
indoor outdoor poufs

Block Graphic Pouf is a pouf with an illustration. The illustration is a pixelated interpretation of the rosette motif, turned into a crochet pattern. Inspired by upholstery textiles of buses and trains and his characteristic graphics, but on a different scale, in a different medium. The pattern obtained is comprehensible and happy and has a new character.

indoor outdoor poufs
indoor outdoor poufs
indoor outdoor poufs

This pair of poufs are a little wink to the space and can please the eye and the heart. They also have the nuance that gives an additional layer upon further observation, a layer of depth and meaning.

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