iota Crochet Parties

August 12, 2018

Knitting parties- a mixture of people, crochet and a little alcohol. Human connections is one of the values which ​​we are based on. Our brand is built on people, they are the ones who make up our community, create the actual products and develop our vision.

Kochavit and I met for the first time about two months ago. We met at six-thirty in the evening. I mostly look distracted at the end of the day, and she is wearing a stocking skirt, heels, lipstick ​​and straight hair. That’s how it is when you run a high-tech company during the day and a life style blog at night. We talked about women empowerment and the desire to create a social impact, from inside the consumer world, without preaching, and to make people take responsibility.

We thought it would be best to get some strong women together, make them stop for a moment and work with their hands. Disconnect from the keyboard and the arrangements and teach them how to crochet a bag. That’s how the concept of knitting parties was developed.

The desire to expand our community, to connect people to action, to the skill and excitement of manual labor called on us to break the conventions of who knits and where and to prove that this really is the upcoming trend.

In addition to this desire, there was a growing demand for our yarns. The threads from which our products are made are especially developed and produced for us, whether it is the configuration of the yarn itself or its color. The combination of the various types of materials the yarn is made of enables us to preserve the strong properties that each material has to offer, thus creating the precise thread that combines pleasant texture alongside strength and structure.

It seemed like a perfect opportunity to allow those who understand and appreciated textile not only to see but to feel for themselves.

I believe everyone should be good at something, it does not matter if you bake the best apple pie, know how to navigate, match colors or fold clothes.

Skill is not expressed only in the final outcome, but in the process itself. The process of handwork, which necessarily requires time and attention, creates an emotional connection between the creator and the final product. The fingerprints, the small mistakes that distinguish a machine that produces anonymous products from products with past, background and personality.

At our knitting parties we allow everyone to learn to how to crochet and come out with a bag they made with their own hands. It’s amazing how much you can do in three hours.

Here, look at what those who took part told us, and later at a glimpse of that special knitting party with an Kochavit and the girls.

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