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June 5, 2022

Today is International Environment Day, and an opportunity to check where we stand now in relation to our environment and what it means to be environmental. We ask this question daily. When choosing the raw materials, in the design process, in choosing our suppliers, factories and partners.

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The most environmental path is probably not to be producing at all. The world is abundant and full of objects and consumer goods. That is on the one hand the rational ideal. On the other hand, there is also our creativity as inventive human beings, and the desire to produce beauty and something of value in the world. And with it, the desire to preserve ancient crafts, to keep them relevant and to utilize them for creating flexible employment.
So for us at iota, the way to produce something is to ask ourselves how we do it, at every step of the way.

handmade luxury furniture

We believe in smart, truthful, and considerate consumerism. This is expressed first in full transparency in the manner of production. Our products are manufactured in an ethical and positive process. Our knitters enjoy producing and are happy in their work. Our belief in considerate consumption is also reflected in our aspiration to design timeless products that will stay with us for a long time and will not require frequent replacement. Less replacement is less production of materials, less waste. Supplementary, we offer repair service for our worn-out products.

handmade luxury furniture

Our products are made by hand and not by machines, thus the carbon emissions we produce are necessarily lower than industrially produced products. Hand knitting also allows for priming and re-knitting if there are mistakes, so we also do not produce much wear and tear in the production process and manage to reach a minimum of waste. Yarn scraps, if any, are routed to knit additional products.

We work with all kinds of materials, natural and not, recycled and not. This year we started the process of transferring to work with recycled cotton. Each year we mark for ourselves what additional steps we can take to become more considerate of our environment. And of course, continue to produce a positive impact on the world.
Wishing all a sunny and beautiful environment day!

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