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May 13, 2022

Tomorrow is international fair trade day and we’re happy to share a few facts about our work in 2022 so far #fairtradeday.

iota started eight years ago. Shula Mozes, the founder, came up with the idea, met Tal Zur (today iota’s Creative Director and CEO) for a single meeting that lasted three hours. The two women decided to start their journey together.

The idea to create a social business based on crochet knitting came to Shula’s mind while she was meditating. “I like knitting and crochet since I was very young. In 2013 I was just about to finish my crochet sculpture project, a cornucopia tree, three meter tall, which was made out of hundreds of small elements that I crocheted. What if we could create different things, like furniture, home accessories and even fashion, compounded of elements made by hand by women who are unemployed and cannot get out of their homes to work? What if we could bring together designers, textile experts and these women? I was familiar with the problem, and thought that this can be a solution.”

“Imagine if every designer, architect, artist, chose a product based on social impact within a house, an office, or any other project they are working on – the world would inherently become a much better place, and the industry would adapt. It is political and social – knowing how and where something came into being.”
Tal Zur, co-founder & CEO

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