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February 26, 2023

From the drawing table to the factory, through color combinations and materials, we design, manufacture and hand knit textiles. We design each product from yarns tailored to its specifications and craft it down to its most delicate detail.

iota’s yarns are bespoke, produced from the highest quality materials. They are a new, contemporary interpretation of hand knitted textile and are designed and developed exclusively by the brand.

Textile is one of the tools iota uses for creating innovative design in crochet and expanding the boundaries of the craft. By combining different materials to create yarns, we preserve the strong qualities of each of the components and create new ways to use textile in hand work.

During the first years of iota all of our yarns were developed and produced with a local Tel Avivian factory called ARTA. This is a family factory with whom we realized all of our textile dreams. Today our artisan communities carry out textile making within our workshops worldwide.

We have three main configurations of yarns. Knitted ribbon yarn used for the indoor thick, soft, luxurious rugs, made of combinations of cotton with touches of polyester for a delicate shimmer. Circular lace yarn for the outdoor-indoor collection, a more resilient and sturdy yarn made of high quality, water resistant and UV protected acrylic. For our swings we use an easy to knit, one color twisted yarn.

We value the importance of color. Each color added to our collection is a shade chosen after many trials. Sometimes changing one strand of yarn makes a difference. Most of our colors are complex, built by combining different yarns and tones. We call it the “Zoom-in Effect”. If you look from afar it looks like one color, when you get closer you discover more tones. Some of them are matte, and some are shiny. Layers of color create products with depth.

Our next dream and mission is to take a step forward in becoming more sustainable in our material choices. Last year we started using regenerated cotton for some of our products, alongside exploring additional recyclable and regenerated yarns. We are in the process of matching and understanding these materials and how they can be integrated in our work.

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