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iota values – about people

August 21, 2023

Our brand, iota, is fundamentally based on relationships. iota started out as a brave friendship between the two founders, and is now continuing with meaningful relationships between the women of iota and those working with us.

social brand
social brand

Today we are eight women at the iota headquarters. We are a female team, so naturally, maternity leaves begin and end, the young mothers alternate, and more voices join our team. Each of us has a different presence at different times, yet we are always together in the common task of promoting the brand we believe in.

Just as our CEO, Tal, went on stage in Geneva with 5-month-old Shira in her hands to receive the first award for innovation in design, so does Tami manage photo days with her baby Elisha on site, so do Dorit’s boys play soccer in the studio, and this is how we live. Backing each other and sharing; an adaptive machine creating a beautifully synchronized dance.

People are important to us. We work with a community of women artisans in Istanbul, where we have created a strong and close relationship that gets stronger over the years. A connection that is beyond words, that many times we don’t have in common. A bond of sisterhood and deep loyalty. A relationship that takes into account how many products need to be designed in order to provide work. An intimate connection of those who sit and create shapes and models with endless creativity and skill. Meetings with them in Istanbul are always peaks of joy, excitement and a utilization of our work.

social business

Our yarn suppliers and the factories we work with are all carefully selected, all small, honest businesses, fair employers and valuable craftsmen. With them we build long-term relationships, based on flexibility, professionalism and mutual cooperation.

social business

We choose our staff, the factories, the manufacturers, while our clients, the architects and interior designers who work with us regularly, choose us. Over the years we discover in them valuable, caring, creative people who become our partners and friends.

These connections we make are parallel to those we create in textiles, knitted together in different textures creating something new.

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