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iota values – about women

March 8, 2024

International women’s day is an opportunity to remind us of what is truly meaningful. These days in time it carries additional meanings. We are happy to share with you another one of our values, which is closest to our hearts.

Iota is a female company. It was founded by women, for women, and is managed by a team of women. It’s a choice. A choice to create the best reality for us, a safe place, a female support network, of sisterhood and fulfillment.

Iota was established to create flexible work opportunities for disadvantaged women who were not employed. Our method: close training, the possibility of working from home alongside regular meetings with the team, was developed in order to enable work under the most flexible conditions. In fact, our method is applied today by all members of the team. We discovered its strength, the ability to create a circle of creative women, based on trust and partnership.

Being an all-female company allows us to manage and conduct ourselves intuitively. From the outside it doesn’t always seem like there is order and logic, but it is there. The characteristic cycle of femininity, the change of energy over time, does not deter us but allows each of us to move back and forth in her place in the team and function optimally.

Women are known for their ability to do several things at the same time, and so are we, we are both here and there, striving to bring ourselves to expression and fulfillment in the various fields of life. Our female partners around the world are also multitaskers, smart and powerful women, which remind us of the fact that we as women are all made of similar materials. From time to time we share the personal stories of the women of our team here and abroad on our blog.

“Find life partners to hold their hand throughout this journey. Cross the ages and seasons of the body together. Create an emotional, financial, mental safety net. Women who will be your supportive community of friends and together you will be part of a large community that will connect many other communities. No one will do it for you. … And it still falls to each of us anew, to weave the web. To hold it. To hold through it.”

Maya Tevet Dayan from: “Feminism as I Taught My Daughters”

And here’s a bit about us, the Israeli team:

Tamar, textile designer, daughter of an art and textile collector, exercises six times a week, loves trips and adventures.

Tami, a graceful graphic designer, a lover of details of all kinds, young mother, loves cats and dreams of tidy closets,

Noa, a product designer, a master’s student in social work, an emotional therapist, and also a full-time mother and aunt and friend,

Sofi, the youngest among us, lives in Uruguay but her heart is in Israel, she is a textile designer, has a sharp eye, a good hand and the biggest heart,

Lena, who is both a mathematician and a talented photographer, with gifted hands, a mother of two teenagers, loves good food and getting lost in foreign cities,

Chen, a product designer, born in Tel Aviv, full of style and good taste, a lover of gardening, fashion and sports, and a mother to a dog that is much more than a baby,

Dorit, an architect, mother of three, loves ancient buildings and preservation, as well as cooking and hosting, lives between her house in the mountains and her work in the city.

Shula, the founder of iota and a top-level knitter, also founded “Le Merhav” an NGO that supports youngsters without family support, owned a deli, published a cookbook, worked in a newspaper, saved an historic structure that was almost destroyed, and is a mother and grandmother and an active philanthropist and that’s just the tip of the iceberg . And today is her birthday.

Tal, the CEO of Iota, is a design lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology, a mother of three little ones, a beach volleyball player, an enthusiast climber, and the biggest warrior – dreamer of all.

You can meet us right here in Jaffa, we invite you to come visit us and get to know us up close.

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