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Israel Museum of Art

June 20, 2017

For the occasion of Jerusalem Design Week, June 2017, iota was invited to create a site-specific installation in the extraordinary space of the historical Hansen House. iota chose to create an homage to Sheila Hicks “Free Fall” exhibition, presented in 1980 at the Israel Museum. Hicks is an American artist. She is known for her innovative and experimental weavings and sculptural textile art that incorporate distinctive colors, natural materials, and personal narratives.

iota created “White fall” as a reflective piece to Hicks’s exhibition. The concept was a free fall in glaring white. A fall striped of color, free of context, creating a fantastic point in space. A white and majestic textile forest, inviting the visitor to wonder- may I touch? May I walk in? The absence of color engaged a perception of the details of the textile work. Textile elements expressing changing spatial possibilities, different crossings with light and shadows, submission to gravity.

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