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Women’s Stories – A conversation with Irene Goldberg and Sigal Baranowitz

May 18, 2023
Ph. Shai Gil

This week we are happy to host Irene Goldberg and Sigal Baranowitz for a conversation about design, inspiration and craft.

Two women, a pair of architects that we greatly appreciate, love what they do and love working with. In 2017 they established their joint office. Their projects express an in-depth dialogue between the client’s dream and their interpretation of that dream.

The studio’s projects are characterized with a playful balance between art and design while adhering to strict yet poetic principles of proportion, and a true integration between conceptual thought and functionalism.

Ph. Liron Weissman

Can you introduce yourself?

Irene Goldberg Architect

Sigal Baranowitz Interior Architect

2 friends, 2 creators, 2 partners

Tell us about your work. What field do you come from? What is the scope of your work?

Our firm deals with diverse projects ranging from large to small scale in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Our projects are an expression of an in-depth dialogue between the client’s dream and our interpretation of that dream. We create one-time projects every time. They are an accurate portrait of a need and an interpretation of a need drawn in our handwriting for the originator of the project.

Ph. Shai Gil

What is your inspiration? How does craft and handcraft meet all this? Why do you choose to incorporate iota items in the projects?

Our inspiration is art, the freedom to conceive a space in all its details and to know that it is one and only and we will never make it again, links us to the world of craft and handwork. Its uniqueness, the fact that any reproduction will never be the same as another, and the handwriting of the person who created it gives it its very special character, touches us in our most fundamental place as designers. And that’s why we enjoy integrating iota in our projects.

Tell us a story about a dream that came true for you.

This creative partnership is a dream come true. After working together on quite a few commercial projects, when the time came to have a new baby together we went for it with all our might. Now we are raising our baby with love and great pleasure.

Recommendation for life exhibition album motto..

A lovely album that I only came across now even though it was made in 1971. ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name’ by Bill Crosby, of Crosby, Steele and Nash. This is his first solo album created together with the best musicians of that time – from the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and also guest appearances from Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash. An album which is all musical magic. Although many creative people were involved in it, each one of them a giant in his time, they managed to create a fine distillation of all the good of them all – a timeless gift to the world.

What are you working on these days? Or what are the plans for the future?

Today we are working on two restaurants in Israel and abroad, and on houses and apartments for clients who contacted us to create extraordinary projects for them.

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