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Women’s Stories – Sigal Granot and Renana Benit

March 12, 2024

Sigal Granot and Renana Benit, two friends who became part of the family. We first met Sigal almost three years ago, when she started walking tours of Jaffa and asked to come by the studio with the groups she accompanies. We have been following Renana for some time now, and read the fascinating content she writes about fashion and of course through Itay Benit, her husband.  Everything stays in the family, and we are happy to share more with you.

Can you introduce yourself?
Sigal Granot, a personal stylist, I live and breathe Jaffa, conduct fashion and lifestyle tours in the city.
Renana Benit, fashion curator and researcher, I write and lecture on the connections between fashion, art, gender and history.

Tell us about your work? What field do you come from?
 The connection between us started when Sigal came to hear my lecture on fashion, culture and art. After many correspondences between us, I came with a friend to one of her tours in Jaffa, the tour started in her amazing house and that’s actually how the romance between us started. After a few meetings and a lot of coffee, we realized that we have many things in common and especially a love for fashion, aesthetics and hospitality. We tried to think how it is possible to team up for a joint creation that would combine the two worlds and this is how the idea of a fashion and fantasy evening combining a tour and a lecture was born.

What is your inspiration?
Connections. Between people, beautiful places, flowers and food.

How does this period affect your inspiration and work?
At the beginning, like everyone else, we each withdrew to our homes and families , and felt there was no place in these difficult days for escapism and celebration of fantasy. After months of silence, we received inquiries about our fashion and fantasy evenings, so we decided to sensitively return to activity in small groups.

How does craft and handicraft meet all this? Why did you choose to include Iota in your tours?Our events combine past and present, this is reflected in looking at the historic architecture and the connection of the alleys of old Jaffa with the new young artists and designers who live there.

We see in iota’s work as an interesting combination between traditional craftsmanship and new and contemporary design. Iota’s special story, appreciation for craft and the women who create it, moves us and we are happy to work with this amazing women’s company.

The impressive entrance to the historic space of the studio and the combination of the ancient stone structure and the soft textiles, the swings, the carpets, the poufs and the pillows allow one to disconnect from reality and to dive into the world of fantasy.

Tell us a story about a dream that came true for you. How did you make it happen?
We fulfilled a dream and continue to dream together. The fact that we work as partners and friends and do what we love the most. Keep dreaming, dare and don’t be afraid to connect just like that in the middle of life with interesting and fascinating women.

Recommendation for life \ exhibition \ album \ motto
Renana: Take a moment every day to look at the clouds. Stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Always make sure you have a room you call your own. A place to put all your things in a physical and emotional sense.

Sigal: Live in the moment, enjoy the little things in life – a cup of coffee, flowers in a vase, a hug with people you love, a movie, a glass of wine in the evening. Don’t wait for events to celebrate, but rather enjoy and celebrate everyday simple and banal things.

What are you working on these days?
We are working on a new evening that combines a tour and a new lecture.

What do you wish for the coming year?
May there be real good, and may all the hostages return home safely, and may the war end, and may we know better, safer and quieter days than these. May we return to a blessed routine, may we return to enjoy the simple things and know how to appreciate the good around us.

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