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Women’s Stories – International Women’s Day 2022 – Funda Koç

March 29, 2022

Another interview that we conducted is with Funda Koç.

In the past, she was an account manager, and in the last couple of years, after becoming a mother, she joined as a knitter in our Istanbul team. Funda came back to the craft that was a part of her childhood, and she mainly makes rugs.

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am 44 years old. I have two children, 7 and 4 years old, a boy and a girl. I work at home. I have a work history of 20 years – I used to be an accountant, but now I am at home to spend time with my children and at the same time I work with Sector7 to make a living.

Tell us more about what you do?

I am doing the motif works (knitting) of the carpet.

What’s your inspiration? What keeps you hopping out of bed every morning?

Actually, nothing can get me out of bed, but my children give me the joy of living. Working women inspire me

Did you ever take the time to articulate your “life mission”?

I see this as somewhat spiritual. I want to be a good servant to Allah and a good mother to my children.

How does knitting meet all of this?

I love knitting. I am very happy about it. I was knitting before Sector 7, but making money from it makes me more valuable. I can say that my children at least see me as a ‘productive’ mother.

Knitting has many aspects- esthetic, self-expression, craft preservation, meditative self-care. Can you relate to any or all of these? how do they meet you?

Like everyone else, I went through a difficult time in my youth, but knitting helped me get over this depressive period and it had a very positive effect on me. Knitting makes me very happy.

Tell us a story about a dream that came true for you. How did you make it happen?

My biggest dream was to be a mother, and that’s what happened. My only dream came true. It’s good for me to have both.

What would you say are the 5 “must-haves” in life for you?

Money, health, my children, my books, my mother

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