Women’s Stories – Omer Danan

June 4, 2024

This month we are sharing a conversation with Omer Danan. We have been working with Omer for many years. She has a fine taste and a sense of style like no one else. She accompanies us in styling on some of the photo shoot days, a good friend of the neighborhood and whenever we are looking for an unconventional recommendation, Omer is the address.

stories about women in the industry of architecture and interior design.

Can you introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Omer Danan and I am an architect, mainly dealing with interior design, furniture selection and styling.

Tell us about your work? What field do you come from?
I grew up professionally in the most special and impressive Architectural office in my opinion (Pitsou Kedem Architects), I didn’t do architecture there yet it was a school for design and in general for life… For the last seven years I have been working as a freelancer with both private and business clients.

indoor outdoor poufs
indoor outdoor poufs

What is your inspiration?
Mainly people, I learn from the people around me and from my customers.

What is the effect of this period in time on your inspiration and work?
I try to live and enjoy what we have, reuse and appreciate what already exists, don’t run out and buy new.

How does craft and handicraft meet all this?
I refurbish existing furniture, reupholster, many marketplace/vintage stores that were born in the city lately / galleries for special items

Why did you choose to include Iota in your tours?
I want to give a sense of craft, handmade, something personal and intimate, it fits perfectly with colors and textures.

Tell us a story about a dream that came true for you. How did you make it happen?
My studio, a space that was abandoned for a long time in the neighborhood where I live, I just did whatever I can in order to reach the owners of the place. It paid off … from there I renovated the place and since then it’s been a second home for me and my children.

Recommendation for life/exhibition/album/motto
“We didn’t come here to suffer” and.. “The way I am, that’s the way I am” … combine these two together to tunes of Leon Bridges in a space in the old city.. “Put in the oven and not in your heart”.. and drink good Greek wine.

What are you working on these days?
I am working on the project of my life – an apartment for a client who became a friend, in the old city of Jaffa, first line to the sea. I am involved there in every detail and material, in every choice and execution.

What do you wish for the coming year?
Mostly I want it to be good here, like all the people of Israel. It affects everything so much, the work in general and in particular. That people will be more relaxed and nice to each other

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