Care Instructions

All iota products are handmade – crocheted by artisans out of the highest quality bespoke exclusive yarn. With proper cleaning and maintenance your products will be enjoyed for many years.
Note – Our products are completely handmade therefore no two swings are exactly alike.


Remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner. The use of chemical cleaning materials may harm the product. Gently try to address stains before they dry with a moist cloth. Vacuum cleaners should be used at medium strength, beware that vacuum heads with teeth or spokes can damage the rugs. As a result of vacuuming, loose threads may appear, we suggest threading them back. Use a professional (wet) rug cleaner company when needed, DO NOT DRY CLEAN


Similar to rug maintenance, clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner but be careful not to use vacuum heads with teeth. Try to address stains quickly with a moist cloth.


Assembly – Our swings are assembled easily using a jumbo screw through a strong ceiling or pergola. We provide a standard locking carabiner for every hanging point. Responsibility for setup and installation is solely up to the costumer.

Height – can be adjusted to 15 cm longer or shorter. For other ceiling heights please coordinate with us while placing your order.

Weight – Max weight load: 150 kg

Tarzan swings: 100 kg

Maintenance – Remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner. The use of chemical cleaning materials and water may harm the product. Tough stains can be removed with a moist cloth. We recommend oiling our Burmese teak seats and accessories once a year with teak oil applied with a soft sponge.

For our outdoor swings – we recommend keeping them inside for the wet season.

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