Block Poufs 2024

A fresh and diverse addition to the Mediterranean collection. Both are very graphic, and with them we take a step into a more narrative world of products. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Check out our blog to learn more about the creative process.

block poufs for indoors and outdoors.


The Block Rosetta Pouf is a good luck charm. It is a color block, a cube built of granny squares. But it dares to break the boundaries of form, of the two-dimensional and the classic. A three-dimensional rosette decoration is repeated in its four corners, surrounding it, and offers a more complex story. In art, the rosette decoration derives from the botanical form of a rose and has a rich and ancient history. Some believe that the rosette is used for divine protection.

The Block Graphic Pouf is a pouf with an illustration. The illustration is a pixelated interpretation of the rosette motif, turned into a crochet pattern. Inspired by upholstery textiles of buses and trains and his characteristic graphics, but on a different scale, in a different medium. The pattern obtained is comprehensible and happy and has a new character.

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