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Crossroads 2023

Crossroads Collection

Throughout the history of rugs, they have often told tales: tales of wars, love, conquest, of everyday life, agriculture, mythologies and more.
Our new 2023 collection also tells a tale of our journey through the worlds of textiles. It generated two aesthetic lines that went with us from the beginning of the joint journey with a new creative community in India: Rivers and Roads.

The RIVERS rug line tells the tale of transience. iota’s threads are unpredictable. Some of them are made by interweaving raw threads in different colors. Sometimes one color will stand out and sometimes another. Groups of threads are spun by the weavers. And each time a different nuance is obtained. The pattern and texture tell an amorphous story of a flow that is not completely under control, and creates similar but uneven patterns that are obtained from the very act of weaving with the special yarn we developed.
The composition of the textile is: wool, cotton and recycled polyester.

The ROADS rug line tells the tale of the end of the journey, about settling down. They offer more defined structures, textures of grids, intersections: junctions. The rugs reflect different scales and range between different densities. The touch of the material is earthy and rough and invites unmediated settling. A bit like aerial photographs of areas that may be natural or may be urban. Color on color on texture on pattern on pattern that produce a wealth of textile materials, one that defines not only an area but also those who live within it.
The composition of the textile is: jute and wool.


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