iota x Tollman’s

The collaboration with Tollman’s begins with our shared belief that design can create change. 
This capsule collection is a mixture of rugs and swings inspired by nature, experiencing, and looking at the landscape around us, close up and from afar. From a wide view of fields and landscapes to textures and tiny details.   
Our products thrive on the tension between the meticulous handwork and the industrially produced textile which is designed especially for each collection. For this collaboration, we created complex mixtures of threads and colors in both bright and muted tones.  
We are happy to have found in Tollman’s Dot a link for true dialogue with customers who are also interested in the way things are made and where they come from.   
Imagine if each of us chose to incorporate a product based on social action in our home, the world would inherently become a much better place.




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