Bedside Thick Rug 60X120 - Jeans

1,800 1,440

IOTA rugs are thick, soft, hand knit and luxurious, 3 times thicker than the standard rug. The Two Tone medium rugs create a subtle gradient that will light up any space, suitable for an intimate corner in the living space as well as for bedrooms, halls and passages. These rugs are crafted of bespoke yarn which is designed and produced exclusively by IOTA from the best quality cotton and polyester and feature eye-catching tassels.


Dimensions:  60 x 130 cm / 23.622 x 51.1 in (including the tassels)

Materials: hand-knit cotton & polyester, fringe 100% polyester

* Products may vary up to 5% as objects are handmade


Clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner, but never with a rotating brush. Turn the product from time to time for even wear. Using chemical cleaning materials may damage the product. Try to treat stubborn stains before drying with a damp cloth.
Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not machine dry. Do not iron. Dry cleaning is prohibited.
If necessary, take it to professional (wet) carpet cleaning.