DIY Granny-Square Quilt for Babies Crochet Kit - Green

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A granny-square quilt for babies inspired by the world of nomads, knitting quilts square by square along their way. Now, instead of leftover yarns, you will be using iota’s latest yarn collection- beautiful and unique mixes of cotton and polyester in copper shades. A blanket that will be created after prolonged knitting of 24 granny squares. The quilt takes the classic granny squares to a new, contemporary, and more modern world. The blanket will be a comfortable wrap and cover throughout the year, a design item that can be placed on the sofa, chair, or bed to complete the design of the house.

In addition to being a contemporary design studio IOTA soft living is a social project that employs, teaches and empowers women who are otherwise unable to work by teaching them the crochet technique and providing them work which they can carry out from their homes


Level of experience: Easy-Intermediate

Dimensions: H: 110 x W: 80 cm / H: 43 x W: 31.5 in

*Sizes may slightly vary as objects are hand made by you! :)

The kit includes

1 Kg iota yarn skein / cotton iota yarn for small granny square detail / crochet hook #8 / crochet hook #3 / needle and thread / tapestry needle / iota label / crochet pattern