DIY Lucky Shells Crochet Kit


Imagine five women together in a studio, practicing social distancing. Add lots of colorful, bespoke yarns and a desire to respond to a new situation and what you will get is a form of escapism, a calming DIY crochet kit. Two shells that can (and should) be hung as good luck charms. Like the silkworm weaving a cocoon, this is for you to knit a symbol of a home.
In addition to being a contemporary design studio IOTA soft living is a social project that employs, teaches and empowers women who are otherwise unable to work by teaching them the crochet technique and providing them work which they can carry out from their homes.

Tutorial link


Beginner-easy crochet kit

Dimensions:  5 x 23 cm / 1.9 x 9 in, 7 x 16 cm / 2.7 x 6.3 in

*Sizes may slightly vary as objects are hand made by you! 🙂

The kit includes

knitting instructions / iota yarn skein / cotton iota yarn – last row detail of shell #1 / acrylic iota yarn – last row detail of shell #2 / crochet hook #5 / 2 metal rings / iota motif coin / 2 lucky eyes / needle and thread for sewing motif coin