Moroccan Slippers Workshop 15.01.2021 / 10:00AM


Studio iota conducts knitting workshops teaching the handcraft technique of crochet. The workshop is lead by crochet experts who design and develop iota’s collections, and in the workshop you will knit an iota product – a pouch bag, sandals, bucket bag or basket bag. The textiles used are unique and produced exclusively by iota.

The workshop takes place in the studio in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, a beautiful space built in 1878, where you will meet new people, drink a cocktail and get a break from the daily hectic routine.

The workshop is 3.5 hours and includes up to 8 participants.
12 Hatzorfim St. Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Easy-intermediate crochet kit

The kit comes with instructions for three sizes: 27-35 if you choose to crochet this size you’ll be able to make two pairs from one kit (you’ll just have to make smaller pompoms) / 36-38 / 39-43 

*Sizes may slightly vary as objects are hand made by you! 🙂

The kit incluses

200 grams of iota yarn / crochet hook / needle and thread / iota motif coin / iota yarn for 2 pompoms / elastic bands with stoppers / knitting instructions

Tutorial link