IOTA for Tollman's Saddle Swing - Wild Granite

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The collaboration with Tollman’s begins with our shared belief that design can create change. This capsule collection is a mixture of rugs and swings inspired by nature, experiencing, and looking at the landscape around us, close up and from afar. From a wide view of fields and landscapes to textures and tiny details. Our products thrive on the tension between the meticulous handwork and the industrially produced textile which is designed especially for each collection. For this collaboration, we created complex mixtures of threads and colors in both bright and muted tones. The seat of the saddle swing is made entirely of crochet, which has a natural tendency to stretch. The seat can initially be a little tight and with use stretches and takes the shape of the body.


Seat Dimensions:  30 x 60 cm / 12 x 24 in
Materials: hand-knit outdoor UV protected acrylic, polyester, burmese teak wood, metal

The swings are made for a ceiling height of 285cm/112in. 2 arm swings can be adjusted manually 15cm/6in higher or lower. 4 arm swings are not adjustable and therefore need to be made by order of height. For ceilings higher than 285cm/112in we offer extension cables with an additional cost.

* Products may vary up to 5% as objects are handmade


Our swings are assembled easily using a jumbo screw through a strong ceiling or pergola. We provide a standard locking carabiner for every hanging point. Responsibility for setup and installation is solely up to the costumer.


Remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner. The use of chemical cleaning materials may harm the product. Gently Try to address stains before they dry with a moist cloth.