iota knitting club #1 25.02.2022


Friday. Wine. Brunch. Music. and KNITTING!
For many, wellness activities have become as essential as air.
Knitting, also referred to as yoga for the mind, is considered an activity that reduces stress and tension.
Learn to knit beside a rich brunch made by talented Daniel Yitzhakov, light wines, and a great atmosphere by DJ Yoni Sharon.

At the event we will get to know the brand and its added value. We will learn a basic crochet technique and start crocheting ourselves. Everyone will create a tiny pouch, perfect for change or headphones, while iota team instructors are guiding us through the works.

**the number of seats is limited

Event Info

25.02.2022 / 11:00

12 HaTsorfim St, Tel Aviv

For more info – 054-478-6732

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