Arranging Your Home and Life with our own certified KonMari® Consultant Sarit Sela 21.06.2021 / 19:00PM


Studio iota is hosting Stockholm based creator and blogger, Sarit Sela. The joint fascination about the home and the experiences we choose to invite into it is what created the connection to Sarit in the past year.

The KonMari Method®️ was invented by Marie Kondo: as one of very few certified KonMari Consultants in Sweden and Israel , Sarit will teach you what it means to live only with the things that spark joy and how you can let go of all the things that outlived their purpose. KonMari is not only tidy home, it’s a life style.
Sarit Sela is a visual content creator and certified KonMari consultant who lives in Stockholm for the past 9 years. Scandinavian design & minimalism are part of her lifestyle and she inspires others to curate their own minimalist lifestyle through the seminars she leads.
*floor seating will be available in the workshop, iota studio is full of soft rugs and poufs.
The workshop is 1.5 hours and will take place at iota studio 12 Hatzorfim St. Tel Aviv-Jaffa

A green pass is required for all participants