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The IOTA rug swings are fine and minimalistic. They have a luxurious crochet rug covering a teak wood seat. The rugs are hand knit from exclusive IOTA bespoke yarn using UV protected acrylic and polyester making them suitable for the outdoors as well as indoors. Our swings can be fitting for large spacious interiors, hotel rooms. They work fantastically outdoors as well as a seating alternative inside the home.
During off-season, keep your outdoor furniture stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry place, indoors. If the furniture must remain outdoors, it’s best for it to be under a roof and placed on a dry surface to prevent water damage from below. After rainfall or harsh weather conditions, make sure to wipe off excess moisture or water from all flat surfaces.


Seat Dimensions:  30 x 60 cm / 12 x 24 in
Materials: hand-knit outdoor UV protected acrylic, polyester, burmese teak wood, metal

The swings are made for a ceiling height of 285cm/112in. 2 arm swings can be adjusted manually 15cm/6in higher or lower. 4 arm swings are not adjustable and therefore need to be made by order of height. For ceilings higher than 285cm/112in we offer extension cables with an additional cost.

* Products may vary up to 5% as objects are handmade


Our swings are assembled easily using a jumbo screw through a strong ceiling or pergola. We provide a standard locking carabiner for every hanging point. Responsibility for setup and installation is solely up to the costumer.


Remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner. The use of chemical cleaning materials may harm the product. Gently Try to address stains before they dry with a moist cloth.

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