Shula Mozes and Tal Zur are both busy women. Mozes is a social entrepreneur and the founder of a philanthropic volunteer association for youths. Zur is a designer and artistic director. The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the presentation of their new knit collection, but they are not deterred.

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“We are a low-tech start-up”

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Maison Cote Sud

À Jaffa, Iota, la petite entreprise durable, sociale et humaniste a remis le crochet au goût du jour. Fondée sur les valeurs du « slow design », elle s’appuie sur un sa-voir-faire ancestral au service d’un design contemporain et sur une fabrication de fils

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As Promised

iota is a luxury brand centered on fair trade and a socially responsible business model. The studio creates unique, luxury hand-stitched furniture, rugs and accessories that bring the 200 year old technique of crocheting into the realm of contemporary, cutting-edge design.

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When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Tel Aviv–based brand Iota Project is both talking the talk and walking the walk. Philanthropist/activist Shula Mozes founded Iota in 2014 with the idea of hiring textile workers from marginalized communities in order to encourage upward social mobility.

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Kitting, people! knitting!

No, i’m not talking about a sweater or a pair of socks your grandmother knitted for you. I‘m also not referring to a tablecloth or crocheted curtains. I‘m talking about coarse woven carpets, bean bag chairs, a swing and an array of products – woven in brilliant colors, using traditional technique and with style you usually encounter in top design magazines.

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Design Wanted

Founded in Israel in 2014, IOTA is a small brand with unique abilities, big aspirations and a pure, feminine heart.

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Time In

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Tom Dixon and Ikea hacks

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Design in Daba

Founded in 2014, the Iota Project is a Tel-Aviv-based furniture company that works with women from local communities to produce furniture based on traditional craft.

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Founded in 2014, Iota works in local communities with high rates of unemployment. The brand produces furniture and objects that marry traditional craft techniques such as crochet with contemporary forms, resulting in objects with an unusual tactile structure.

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iota is a social brand designing beautiful handmade objects for the interior while creating jobs for otherwise unemployed people worldwide. iota’s foundations are based on three fundamentals: the use of handmade elements to create new, unexpected designs; the usage of luxurious bespoke yarns and materials; and being a social business.

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